For many years our neighbor was a manufacturer of compounds. Over the years we have developed a strong partnership with them and now Tecnogomma has extensive knowledge of the raw material that led to the development of a series of compounds that meet the most stringent specifications and approved by the major international bodies.

Tecnogomma collaborates with its customers to identify the best possible material for the specific use, by means of quality and reliability tests and under the indicated conditions. The compounds are purchased from certified suppliers, who are leaders in this field, and can be black or coloured according to the RAL or Pantone scale.

Each batch of compound to be accepted is subjected to visual and infrared inspection, in order to certify the compliance with the required specifications. 

Compounds are stored in a purpose-built climate controlled warehouse and managed by a computer using the FIFO system.


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O-Rings and rubber parts accurately manufactured using quality raw materials.

Continuous research for solutions and technologies to obtain better products and a long-term perfect sealing.