Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety

Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety

Tecnogomma international Group (Tecnogomma International SPA, Tecnogomma International Due SRL, Tecnogomma International Group Service SRL, Deagom SRL) identifies its own corporate policy in pursuing the full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of all the interested parties by their own activities:

Interested Parties Needs and Expectations
Customers High standards of quality and service – Competitive price level - Competence
Owners and partners Long-term Profitability – Transparence
Persons in the organization Good working environment – Work Stability – Recognition and gratification
Suppliers and partner Mutual benefit and continuity of the relation
Company Protection of the environment–Ethical behavior–compliance with the mandatory regulations.

The company’s mission is that to produce articles in rubber, that not only satisfy, but also advance and pass the most severe international norms in the different applications, in a market situation which is always more demanding and global.

This is only possible by pursuing a continuous research and development of materials, of the equipment and of the processes used to produce our articles. The Management believes that the most important instrument to obtain and maintain these objectives, is that to adopt and improve a supplemented Management System (Quality, Environment, Safety) in accordance with the following Norms : ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, D.Lgs. 81/08.

In addition, the companies of the Group will develop and adopt, during 2019, models of organization, management and control ("Model 231") pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 231 of 8 June 2001, in order to prevent behaviours and conducts that may correspond to the types of crime contemplated in the aforementioned Decree.

These are the primary objectives of our policy:

  • observe the prescriptive and legislative dispositions which are relative to the activities of our sector, with particular attention to the knowledge and respect of the compulsory regulations applicable;
  • observe all the legislative dispositions which are applicable as far as the Health and Safety on the place of work, the protection of the Environment and the treatment of the personal data;
  • Protecting the environment by preventing water, air, soil and acoustic pollution in the context of a continuous improvement of our environmental performances;
  • considering the main impacts arising from the life cycle of our product in the context of a sustainable development;
  • thoroughly analyze its own contest’s awareness and the interested parties’ requirements by actively attending sector’s associations, trade fairs, business visits focused to target customers;
  • adopt in all the relevant parts of the Management System a process of analysis and management of the risks and opportunities aimed at increasing the satisfaction of the involved parties.
  • identify the equipment, the devices, the resources and the capacity of the staff which is required to attain the fixed objectives;
  • maintain and increase the organizational knowledge, trying to identify, promote and transfer to the new employees the important long-time experience of the older colleagues.
  • select, organize and form the personnel according to the qualifications, the professionalism and personal aspirations to always have the correct persons in the correct places;
  • optimize the main processes of the company paying particular attention to the requirements of the involved parties.
  • verify the efficiency of the processes through the definition of appropriate performance indicators;
  • frequently monitor the results obtained, so as to find out improvement opportunities;
  • opportunely and with maximum engagement deal with all the internal and external non-conformities, adopting the necessary instruments to resolve them;
  • create a mood of participation and collective undertaking for the quality, through the involvement and the awareness of all the staff and the main suppliers and partners;
  • improve efficiency of the organization through the implementation of integrated business software of widespread and proven effectiveness;
  • create and maintain efficient, adequate both internal and external information canals.

The Management is certain that the attainment of these objectives is only possible if all the interested parties share in their sense and necessity. Therefore the present Politics is communicated not only to the staff of Tecnogomma International , but also to the staff of the other companies of the group, as well as its suppliers; furthermore it is also available for the Customers and the public through it’s publication on our website: www.tecnogomma.com

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