The O-ring, a circular cross-section ring, is the sealing element that best suits the needs of most varied sectors. Due to its simplicity, it can in fact be found in the majority of the applications where a seal is required for the passage of fluids or gases.

Due to its versatility and its wide diffusion, Tecnogomma International has over 5000 moulds through which are implemented most of the dimensions ranging from a minimum diameter of 0.8 mm to a maximum diameter of 1400 mm.

Our O-Rings are manufactured according to ISO 3601 concerning visual appearance and size, and a statistical control is performed in accordance with ISO 2859.

We are also proud to have a large warehouse that is monthly restocked. The availability of the articles can be verified on our in realtime updated website (www.tecnogomma.com). For special applications that require special services during assembly or with a lower coefficient of friction to avoid overheating, we perform surface treatments such as MOLYKOTE® grease, graphite, silicon, talc, PTFE coating and O-Ring painting.

We have also developed a special PTFE treatment called TIMOFILM (approved for drinking water according to the German legislation), which considerably reduces the assembly time of the pieces. TIMOFILM allows us to replace the MOLYKOTE® grease, talc and silicon treatments.


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O-Rings and rubber parts accurately manufactured using quality raw materials.

Continuous research for solutions and technologies to obtain better products and a long-term perfect sealing.